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Keragon is the HIPAA compliant alternative

We specialize in healthcare and help you connect all your homegrown & 3rd party solutions, to build automations without code - in minutes.

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Top healthcare companies trust Keragon to build HIPAA-compliant automations in a secure way

Full HIPAA & SOC2 Compliance

Stay compliant with HIPAA & adopt enterprise security practices to put patient data privacy at the centre.

Unique Healthcare Integrations

Get access to 75+ healthcare-specific integrations & quickly test different vendors.

Unlimited Flexibility

Create multi-step workflows with unlimited business logic to automate any healthcare use case.
use cases

A alternative for complex logic and patient workflows

Reduce your time-to-market & offload your engineers by using our visual no-code editor to easily capture business logic and do fast workflow iterations.
Patient intake/onboarding
Patient triage
Patient messaging & communication
Lab and diagnostics ordering
Personalized care plan delivery
Appointment scheduling & reminders
Data unification, transformation & syncing
Approval processes
robust platform

Real-time debugging & advanced error handling

Test with confidence your workflows before going live and quickly trace any errors with step-by-step debugging.
Staging & production environments
Real-time monitoring & alerts
Play run with test data
Step-by-step logging
Error handling templates
Workflow versioning
Full audit trail
Feature comparison

See why Keragon is one of the leading Make alternatives.

Healthcare-specific Integrations (EHRs, Pharmacies etc)
Clinical Utilities (FHIR, SNOMED transformers)
HIPAA Compliant
Bi-directional data transfer
Workflow Templates
Time-based Triggers
Historical syncing
Build your own connector
Request for new connectors
Audit logs
out of the box compliance

Regulatory compliant alternative (HIPAA / SOC2)

Use a platform purpose-built for healthcare compliance and handle all workflows & data with enterprise security.
HIPAA Compliance
SOC2 Compliance
CCPA Compliance
GDPR Complaice

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