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Keragon enables you to connect PrognoCIS with the most popular software used in healthcare, in a HIPAA-compliant way and with no code required. Make your sensitive patient data interoperable and automate your workflows to increase revenue & save time.
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Prognocis is a comprehensive healthcare software suite designed to streamline clinical operations, enhance patient engagement, and improve the overall efficiency of medical practices. It offers solutions for electronic health records, practice management, and telemedicine, facilitating seamless patient care and administrative processes. By integrating Prognocis with Keragon, healthcare providers can automate various workflows such as appointment scheduling, patient data entry, billing, and follow-up communications. This integration not only optimizes resource utilization but also enables healthcare staff to focus more on patient care, leading to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.



You can use any of the triggers bellow to initiate and run the desired workflow.
Use Keragon's HTTP webhooks to initiate workflows based on any available triggers through PrognoCIS's API.


You can use any of the actions bellow to perform a change or deliver data.
Use Keragon's universal HTTP connector to execute workflows based on any available action through PrognoCIS's API.

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