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Keragon enables you to connect Stripe with the most popular software used in healthcare, in a HIPAA-compliant way and with no code required. Make your sensitive patient data interoperable and automate your workflows to increase revenue & save time.
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Join large healthcare enterprises using Keragon that are strict with HIPAA-compliance.

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Stripe is a comprehensive payment processing platform designed to facilitate online and in-app transactions. It supports a wide range of payment methods, enabling businesses to accept payments from customers globally. By integrating Stripe with Keragon, healthcare organizations can automate billing and payment processes, from patient invoicing to insurance claims. This seamless integration can streamline financial operations, reduce administrative burdens, and improve cash flow management.


Streamline your payments and billing with Keragon automation and scale your business-critical processes. Our triggers and actions, available in the Stripe connector, will enable you to build powerful integrations with less engineering resources and without maintenance headaches.


You can use any of the triggers below or the universal HTTP webhook to start workflows.

New Custom Webhook Events

Start workflow on each webhook event


You can use any of the actions below or the universal HTTP action to work with data.

Update a Payout

Update the metadata on a payout.

List Refunds

Find or list refunds.

Retrieve a Payout

Retrieves the details of an existing payout.

List Customers

Find or list customers.

Void Invoice

Void an invoice.

Delete a Customer

Delete a customer.

Update a Refund

Update the metadata on a refund.

Delete Invoice Line Item

Delete a line item from an invoice.

Finalize Draft Invoice

Finalize a draft invoice.

List Balance History

Returns the last 100 transactions that have contributed to the Stripe account balance (e.g., charges, transfers, and so forth). The transactions are returned in sorted order, with the most recent transactions appearing first.

List Payouts

Find or list payouts.

Retrieve a Customer

Retrieves the details of an existing customer.

List Payment Intents

Retrieves a list of payment intent that were previously created.

Update Invoice Line Item

Update an invoice line item.

Retrieve an Invoice

Retrieves the details of an existing invoice.

Retrieve Checkout Session Line Items

Given a checkout session ID, retrieve the line items. See the docs

Write Off Invoice

Mark an invoice as uncollectible.

List Invoices

Find or list invoices.

Create a Payment Intent

Create a payment intent. Seethe docs for more information

Retrieve a Price

Retrieves the details of an existing product price.

Retrieve Invoice Line Item

Retrieve a single line item on an invoice.

Update a Payment Intent

Update a payment intent.

Create Invoice

Create an invoice.

Cancel a Payment Intent

Cancel a payment intent. Once canceled, no additional charges will be made by the payment intent and any operations on the payment intent will fail with an error. For payment intents with status=requires_capture, the remaining amount_capturable will automatically be refunded.

Confirm a Payment Intent

Confirm that your customer intends to pay with current or provided payment method. Upon confirmation, Stripe will attempt to initiate a payment.

Update a Customer

Update a customer.

Create Invoice Line Item

Add a line item to an invoice.

Create a Payout

Send funds to your own bank account. Your Stripe balance must be able to cover the payout amount, or you'll receive an 'Insufficient Funds' error.

Delete Or Void Invoice

Delete a draft invoice, or void a non-draft or subscription invoice.

Retrieve a Refund

Retrieves the details of an existing refund.

Update Invoice

Update an invoice.

Retrieve Product

Retrieve a product by ID. See the docs

Retrieve a Payment Intent

Retrieves the details of a payment intent that was previously created.

Send Invoice

Manually send an invoice to your customer out of the normal schedule for payment (note that no emails are actually sent in test mode).

Create a Customer

Create a customer.

Create a Usage Record

With metered billing, you charge your customers based on their consumption of your service during the billing cycle, instead of explicitly setting quantities. Use this action to create a usage record for metered billing.

Retrieve the Current Balance

Retrieves the current account balance, based on the authentication that was used to make the request.

Create a Refund

Creating a new refund will refund a charge that has previously been created but not yet refunded. Funds will be refunded to the credit or debit card that was originally charged. You can optionally refund only part of a charge. You can do so multiple times, until the entire charge has been refunded. Once entirely refunded, a charge can't be refunded again.

Cancel Or Reverse a Payout

Cancel or reverse a payout. A payout can be canceled only if it has not yet been paid out. A payout can be reversed only if it has already been paid out. Funds will be refunded to your available balance.

Capture a Payment Intent

Capture the funds of an existing uncaptured payment intent.

Retrieve a Checkout Session

A Checkout Session represents your customer's session as they pay for one-time purchases or subscriptions through Stripe Checkout.

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