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Unlock healthcare with Trello integrations

Keragon enables you to connect Trello with the most popular software used in healthcare, in a HIPAA-compliant way and with no code required. Make your sensitive patient data interoperable and automate your workflows to increase revenue & save time.
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Top healthcare companies trust Keragon to built HIPAA-compliant automations in a secure way
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Join large healthcare enterprises using Keragon that are strict with HIPAA-compliance.

BAA on all plans
SOC2 Type II security
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7-day data retention



With our no-code builder, you can quickly start any Trello integration and automate processes that trigger, transform, and update any data inside Trello. Keragon platform lets you add Trello to your existing Healthtech stack by dragging-and-dropping together any Collaboration data, then orchestrate any process at scale with powerful HIPAA compliant automated workflows.

Harness the power of healthcare automation to build workflows that streamline collaboration in Trello, in a scalable way. Our triggers and actions, available in the Trello connector, will enable you to build powerful integrations with less engineering resources and without maintenance headaches.


You can use any of the triggers bellow to initiate and run the desired workflow.

Card Due Date Reminder

Start workflow at a specified time before a card is due.

New Checklist

Start workflow for each new checklist added to a board.

Card Updates

Start workflow for each update to a Trello card.

New Label

Start workflow for each new label added to a board.

Card Moved

Start workflow each time a card is moved to a list.

New Notification

Start workflow for each new Trello notification for the authenticated user.

Custom Webhook Events

Start workflows for activity matching a board, event types, lists and/or cards.

New Board

Start workflow for each new board added.

New Comment Added to Card

Start workflow for each new comment added to a card.

New Attachment

Start workflow for new attachment on a board.


You can use any of the actions bellow to perform a change or deliver data.

Remove Card Label

Removes label from card.

Move Card to List

Moves a card to the specified board/list pair.

Add Attachment to Card via URL

Adds a file attachment on a card by referencing a public URL.

Get Card

Gets a card by its ID.

Search Boards

Searches for boards matching the specified query.

Search Cards

Searches for cards matching the specified query.

Find a Label

Finds a label on a specific board by name.

Create a Comment

Create a new comment on a specific card.

Archive Card

Archives a card.

Create Comment on Card

Creates a new comment on a card.

Use Keragon with Trello to instantly create healthcare automations

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