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MDSuite EHR integration

Closed Beta
Coming Soon

Setup MDSuite EHR automations in a few clicks.

Healthcare organizations can easily integrate MDSuite EHR with their existing software in a HIPAA-compliant manner using MDSuite EHR healthcare-specific automations - reduce costs and save time.
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Take full control of the data flow in your MDSuite EHR instance with simple yet powerful low-code integrations on the Keragon HIPAA compliant Platform. Keragon platform lets you add MDSuite EHR to your existing Healthtech stack by dragging-and-dropping together any EHR data, then orchestrate any process at scale with powerful HIPAA compliant automated workflows.

Design dynamic MDSuite EHR automations that streamlines the care delivery experience powered by Keragon's secure, HIPAA compliant and scalable platform. Our triggers and actions, available in the MDSuite EHR connector, will enable you to build powerful integrations with less engineering resources and without maintenance headaches.


You can use any of the triggers bellow to initiate and run the desired workflow.
There are no available triggers for this integration


You can use any of the actions bellow to perform a change or deliver data.
There are no available actions for this integration.

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